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(06-01)  FLIPPIN:
Seeking details and information about the slaying of Allen S. FLIPPIN of Gibson Co., TN on or about 16 Apr 1873.
Fielding A. Poe -- Fielding.Poe@LibertyMutual.com or fpoe@sbcglobal.net
[ADDITIONAL INFORMATION by Fielding A. Poe (30 Jun 2006) about the details of Allen S. Flippin’s death on 16 April 1873:  My dad traced two versions through some of our descendants (through Mary E. {Molly} Flippin Poe, my great grandmother), and through a descendant of the Ross family.  Of course my great grandmother was about 5 years old when her father was killed.  I am wondering if any of you may have a clue that will help.
I assume that Allen S. Flippin (Phil Andrews thought the S stood for Spencer) was killed in Weakley County Tennessee, but I am not sure.  The children are listed as being born in Weakley County, but I think they resided variously in Gibson County. 
I have a letter written by Capt. Billy (William Carroll) Holt to his daughter Martha Holt Flippin (Allen’s widow) telling her how to apply for widow’s benefits at the Bloomfield (Stoddard County Missouri) court house dated about 1891.  The letter is posted from Weakley County Tennessee.  Allen and his brother served in the Union Army under Capt. Holt. 
In this letter, Capt Holt is very careful not to mention details and he directs Martha to go to the courthouse, but specifically tells her not to mention any details about the cause of death, “just that he died.” Could Allen have been killed in Missouri or elsewhere?  Yes, but I just have a hunch he was killed in Tennessee.  I think Capt Holt was being cautious about rebel sympathizers, but this is nearly 40 years after the war and almost 20 years after Allen died.
In the family version of the story (no geography given), Allen was known to be at odds with “Night Riders”, who I suppose were Klansmen still fighting the war.  In this version, he was said to have been conversing with a suspected night rider about his guns hanging on the wall.  He is said to have remarked, “This one is for Squirrel, this one is for bigger game, and this one is for those %&$*# night riders.”  The next night, he was found shot to death.  I know there was extensive night rider activity in these years in Gibson and Weakley County from an Internet search.
In the other version told by a member of the Ross family (my dad elicited this from a widow of the Ross family in Kennett Missouri back in the 70’s).  She thought there was still a feud, but she reluctantly told my dad that one of her ancestors was a school teacher who was killed (they believed) by Allen S. Flippin over a romantic triangle.  While Allen Flippin was in a room carousing, he was heard to say, “I’m ready to rip and tear . . . rip and tear.”  At that moment, one of the Ross family shot Allen through a large key-hole.
At any rate, I believe Martha Holt took VJ Flippin and my grandmother Molly in exile to Missouri.  I think the letter may support the first version, but I just don’t know.  The second version sure sounds plausible.
Do any of you have any clues that may help me fill the gaps in either of these stories?  Are there any clues at all to the place of death?  Do any of you know what happened to VJ Flippin?
Mary E. (Molly) Flippin married my great grandfather William D. Poe and they resided in Bloomfield, Missouri.  They are buried in the West Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Methodist Church) just northwest of Bloomfield.
Thanks for any insight you can shed on this inquiry.]

(06-02)  FLIPPIN:
I am just starting genealogy to trace my grandfather's FLIPPIN line.  He was Arthur W. FLIPPIN (b. 30 Aug 1889 MO), son of John Corder FLIPPIN (b. 8 Nov 1859 Camden Co., MO), son of William M. FLIPPIN (b. 1830 Centertown, Cole Co., MO), son of Thomas Jefferson FLIPPIN (b. 1799 Warren Co., KY).  I am hoping someone has information on the brothers and sisters of this line and any ancestors of Thomas Jefferson FLIPPIN.  Thank you for any information or direction you can give me.
Sharon Cannon -- shari@kittypaint.com

Information on the family of David Sherman Johnson and his wife Lucy B. Fraim was generously shared by Ron Johnson.  Lucy B. Fraim was the daughter of George Fraim and Catherine H. Downing.  George Fraim's parents were John M. Fraim and Permelia Ann FLIPPIN of Monroe Co., KY.  David Sherman Johnson, son of David N. and Martha (Flowers) Johnson, (Oct 1868 Monroe Co., KY - 30 Mar 1931 Monroe Co., KY) maried 18 Sep 1888 in Monroe Co. to Lucy B. Fraim (Feb 1872 Allen or Monroe Co., KY - 4 Aug 1945 Monroe Co., KY). Their children were, all born in Monroe Co., KY:  Nona Catherine (b. 11 Jul 1889); Lillie Gurvise (b. 2 Sep 1891) m1/ c1911 Abie H. Goad (b. 1889 KY), m2/ c1920 Benjamin E. Downey (b. Oct 1891 Monroe Co., KY to William and Bassie C. Downing); Demetrius Lee (8 Sep 1895 - 28 Mar 1964 Monroe Co., KY) m/ c1922 Lillie B. Cassetty (b. 1906 Macon Co., TN to Robert and Johnnie Cassetty) [3 ch: Virginia L., Marie and Nell J.]; Alvis Coy (15 Feb 1898 - 24 Feb 1985 Monroe Co., KY) m/ c1927 Mary J. Albany (b. 1901 KY to William J. and Dirtha A. Albany) [1 ch: Mabel E.]; George Purcell (b. 23 May 1901); and Robert (31 Jan 1905 - Feb 1974).  David was listed as David S. on 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1930 censuses and as Sherman on 1920 census (Monroe Co., KY).
Ron Johnson -- ronjohnson@frontier.net

Interested in Mary Ann FLIPPEN (daughter of Samuel FLIPPEN) and her husband Braxton Atkinson.  Do you have any information on Elizabeth Atkinson (daughter of Mary Ann and Braxton)?  I believe she married my ancestor, Giles Franklin Shelton, in Stokes Co., NC in 1866.  Unfortunately the marriage bond doesn't list ages, parents, etc. -- only their names.  However, the bondsman is John H. Slate, who may be related to Perlina J. Slate (wife of Joseph E. Atkinson).  I don't even know when Elizabeth died -- only that it was before 1880.  (Giles Franklin Shelton and his children are nowhere to be found in 1870 census, so she could have died anytime between 1866-1880.)  Do you have any information on her?  Or anything that may help me prove / disprove my theory on her parentage?
Ashley Rodgers -- arodgers@davisfloyd.com
[Additional information by Kyle Harrison and Ashley Rodgers:  John H. Slate is John Robert Slate.  He was Pauline Slate's brother.  Elizabeth Atkinson and Pauline Slate were sisters-in-law.  Elizabeth was born c1841 when Braxton and Mary Ann were living in southern Patrick Co., VA near Peter's Creek.  Braxton died in 1868 and Elizabeth was mentioned in his will (written in 1862).  After the death of Giles' first wife Mary Ann Rowork (Roark), Giles married Elizabeth in 1866.  Kyle was also not able to locate them on a 1870 census and Elizabeth was not with the family on 1880 Stokes Co., NC census.  Apparently they had no children as Giles only listed his three children from Mary Ann Roark (Robert Franklin, Juan P. and Eliza Jane) in his 1892 will.]

(06-05)  FLIPPIN:
I have recently come across the information on the first marriage of Thomas A. FLIPPIN, Isaac FLIPPIN's son, to a Mary L. in KY.  Does anyone have any information on this marriage?  We've been to the graves in Cleburne, TX of Mary, their son M. S. FLIPPIN and his wife and child.
Sharon Allen, Cleburne, TX -- t-sallen@sbcglobal.net
[NOTE by Nova:  Mary L., wife of Thomas A. FLIPPIN, was born c1835 in KY and died 1 Feb 1872 in Johnson Co., TX.  Their only known child, M. S., was born 1 Feb 1852 (in KY?)  I also would love to know more about Mary.]

William Alpheus FLIPPEN was married 26 Sep 1832 in Cumberland Co., VA to Rebecca H. Harris.  Some had her middle name as Howard and I did, too.  Some also said she was the daughter of Joseph Harris and Rebecca Howard.  I went along with that until I found the marriage of Joseph Harris and Rebecca Howard was 6 Feb 1766.  William Alpheus was born c1800 and you would guess Rebecca would be born c1802.  So a couple married in 1766 would not be her parents.  The Cumberland Co. marriage record gives her as Rebecca H. Harris and no parent given but the surety was Benjamin Harris.  Now I have found a notice in the Richmond Enquirer newspaper that says "Married Sept 26 by Rev Matthew Dance, Mr William A. FLIPPEN to Miss Rebecca Harris, dau. of Mr Benjamin Harris, all of Cumberland Co."  This was in the 10 Jan 1833 issue.  Does anyone have any more information on who this lady's parents were?  Thanks!
Ruby Talley Smith -- rubygem@aol.com

(06-07)  FLIPPEN:
Looking for information re: Sarah / Sallie FLIPPEN who was married to a Major in the Army during the "War Between the States" and lived in Nashville, TN.  They had 15 children, with the 10th child being a girl named Decisna (my great-grandmother).  There were 11 girls and 4 boys.  I don't have her husband's name and would like to know anything about the family.
Suzanne Croncich Brown -- scbmdb@embarqmail.com -- e-mail address updated 6 May 2007

My family lines are not related to the FLIPPINs, but several ladies that I go to church with are descendants of a Rosetta FLIPPIN, and these ladies are also third cousins to my father.  This query pertains to Rosetta FLIPPIN.  She was the daughter or supposedly the adopted daughter of William Garfield FLIPPIN and Elizabeth Jane ANDREWS.  Rosetta was born 23 Oct 1882 in Centertown, Cole Co., MO and died 26 May 1975 in California, Moniteau Co., MO.  She was married to William Porter ASH on 19 Aug 1900 in Cole Co., MO.  I was given verbal history that Rosetta was born to parents of Osage Indians and that her natural parents were killed by the army that took their land, and the children were put up for adoption.  Do you have any information about Rosetta or can verify the accuracy of these facts?  Thanks for any help you might be able to share.
Steve Weicken -- sdra3@netzero.com

Madison Tinsley FLIPPEN, age 12 on 1850 Baton Rouge, LA census, married Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie" SHELTON, widow of James YOUNG, 5 Jun 1866 in Rankin Co, MS.  No 1860 Census for LA; 1870's index is horribly wrong; and 1880, Lizzie is living with oldest son, Henry YOUNG, in Baton Rouge with four FLIPPEN children, one only months old: Mary 13, William E, 10, Laura 3, and John Madison 4/12.  Madison's parents in 1850 census are Daniel and Senora, with James 13, and William, 7.  In 1880 Senora B FLIPPEN, 67, is living in a boarding house in Baton Rouge.  Daniel, Senora B, and her parents all came from VA.  Who are they?  Where did they come from?  The Daniel B FlIPPEN listed in the census and marriage records of Cumberland Co, VA is not he.
Nance Shaw, 16911 Lone Star Rd, Navasota, TX 77868 -- nance7@earthlink.net

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