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I found an old genealogy article query (1926-1933) that mentioned a William GOODMAN married a Polly FLIPPIN about 1803 in Mercer Co., KY, had children - John, George and Thomas, and lived in Putnam Co., IN in 1833.
Now I know about two other FLIPPIN / GOODMAN marriages - Elizabeth & Rhoda.  Does anyone know if there is any validity in this marriage or family?  Were there FLIPPIN marriages in Mercer Co., KY?  What intrigues me was the mention of the Thomas GOODMAN which I have not seen associated with the names John and George.
The article source was on Heritage Quest -- Indiana genealogy: articles appearing in the Indianapolis Sunday Star; 1st series beginning 26 Jun 1926 thru 25 Jan 1931, 2nd series beginning 5 Apr 1931 thru 22 Jan 1933; Alexandria, IN: unknown, 1976, 401 pgs. (article 224, page 125).
Lonnie Fink -- LonFink@insightbb.com

Need date and place of marriage and divorce of Judge William Baugh FLIPPIN (1817 KY - 1906 AR) and Mrs. Rachel CLARK BUTTS (16 Oct 1829 AR - 12 Jan 1919 OK), widow of Henry Glen BUTTS.  The best I can deduce from Goodspeed is that both events took place between 1884 and 1889 either in Marion Co. or Johnson Co., AR.  Thank you so much for any help.
Pat Rowbotham -- familyresearch@rrfarm.com

(07-03)  FLIPPEN - RENO:
My relatives are Alice FLIPPEN married Wade RENO. Alice was born March 1865 in MO.  Thanks.
Wade Wann -- wadewann@windstream.net
[NOTE by Nova: According to the online Flippin Family history, Alice Flippin was the daughter of William M. Flippin and Elizabeth Jane Weatherford.  Wade H. Reno's parents were John Reno and Belinda Belieu.]

My wife, Rebecca Rosecrans, is a granddaughter of Gertrude Evelyn FLIPPIN (b. 13 Jul 1892), the daughter of William FLIPPIN (b. 2 Feb 1863), the son of Jordan Woodson FLIPPIN.  We are trying to assemble her family tree but have not found any further links for Jordan Woodson FLIPPIN.  The old family records we have say that Jordan was born in Marysville, CA in 1837.  At that time California did not exist as a state or territory and had essentially no settlement except Mexican, so we greatly doubt this information.  We ran across an old (1998) copy of the Flipping Flippins which you used to edit (may still do).  Do you have any suggestions on where we may go to find Jordan and his ancestors?  Thanks so much for your attention and time.
Tony Schofield -- awschofield@yahoo.com
[NOTE by Nova:  Much of the information on this family was provided by Diane Elder during the Flipping Flippins publication years.  Jordan is listed as William Jordan Flippin, son of Jesse and Elizabeth H. (White) Flippin, who was born 1826 in Gibson Co., TN and died 18 Nov 1892 in Gold Hill, Jackson Co., OR.  The family came to California in 1854 and was on the 1860 Contra Costa Co., CA census.  For more on them, see the online Flippin Family history.]

Does anyone have information on the siblings of Cora Isabelle REAVES who married Bennett FLIPPIN?  Cora was the older sister of my grandfather Walter "Boob" REAVES who married Mamie Ann CURTRIGHT.  Thank you for your time and help.
Carrie Reaves -- legooch_66104@yahoo.com
[NOTE by Nova:  According to the online Flippin family history, Bennett Monroe Flippin was born 1889 in Camden Co., MO to Green Scott and Harriet S. Jane (Rayle) Flippin.  Cora was born 1889 in Camden Co., MO to John Sherman and Martha Ann (Prine) Reaves.]

Seeking more information on Nancy Ann PRINE who was born c1849 in MO to James PRINE and Nancy Ann FLIPPIN.  She married Conrad BARTLETT, son of Daniel and Margaret BARTLET, in 1878 in Benton Co., MO.  Conrad was born 1858 in IN.  Conrad is my grandfather's uncle and their surname was misspelled for it's actually BARTLET.  After his marriage to Nancy, he remarried a Sarah E. LAWSON.  Some have said that Conrad and Nancy had a son named James? born 1879 in Benton, MO.  Thanks.
Tammara Rawlings -- tam_rawlings@hotmail.com

I have been researching my family and believe Altha GOODMAN might be the mother of my great-great-grandfather.  Does anyone have any more information on her?  According to the Flippin online book, Altha was daughter of William C. GOODMAN (c1824 TN - 1857 Titus Co., TX) and his wife R. Jane COPELAND (married c1850 TX).  William was the son of George Bishop GOODMAN and Elizabeth FLIPPIN.  After the deaths of William and Jane, his brothers Bishop and Frank GOODMAN obtained guardianship of the four children - Poleaty, Altha, Lonnie and Mary - in 1865 in Red River Co., TX.  What happened to William and Jane?  Where does the Miria Odecia come from that is included in some of the references to Altha?  Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.
Ursula Duerr -- tysduerr@omega1w.net

Seeking more information on this couple, McClurg and Margaret (FLIPPIN) BERRY, who are buried at the Skinner Cemetery in Grundy Co., MO.  The online FLIPPIN book has Margaret as born c1872 in Camden Co., MO to Absalom B. FLIPPIN and Sarah Ann HOLT.  She married McClurg BERRY 1892 in Camden Co.  Margaret's marker has her born 1870 and died 1943.  McClurg's marker has him born 1870 and died 1931. I would like to know how this couple ended up in Grundy Co. and why they are buried at Skinner Cemetery which is a small family cemetery.  Did they work at the Skinner Farm?  Any information is appreciated!
Chad Skinner -- cjnfamily@hotmail.com

Hi, my name is Coy Costa.  I have a connection to the FLIPPIN family through my WHITE family branch as well as the MOUNT family branch on my Grandmother's side. (Frances Caroline FLIPPIN married Samuel Houston MOUNT.) My Grandmother's side criss crosses a lot.
I was wondering if you knew of any American Indian heritage connected with the FLIPPIN, LOONEY or MacADOO families other than them marrying with the BRYANTs of Cherokee fame?
I am trying to establish a pattern within my branches that shows siblings of my direct lines marrying people of Cherokee descent, in turn strengthening my hypothesis of some of my direct lines having also married persons of Cherokee heritage.
Children of Joseph WHITE and Patience HUGHES:
Minerva Augusta WHITE married James Allen FLIPPIN
Elizabeth H. WHITE married Jessee FLIPPIN
Joseph Montague WHITE married Caroline BRYANT, daughter of John BRYANT and
Frances NANCE (Cherokee)
Patience WHITE married Charles Henry ROSS (possibly Cherokee?)
Richardson Pearson WHITE married Malinda J. GILLILAND (probably 1/4 Cherokee)
Lucy Davidson WHITE married Lawrence HALL (possibly Cherokee?)
Allen Spencer WHITE married Nancy CRIBBS (this is my ancestor) (Mary Mallissa
CRIBBS, a cousin of Nancy CRIBBS married George Washington FLIPPIN)
I have found next to nothing on any CRIBBS family and wonder if it is because they were American Indian and have no documentation?
Any help you might have about the ethnecity of the MacADOO, LOONEY, ROSS or FLIPPIN families would be of a great help to me.  If you need more info about the WHITE family I have two generations further back than your current FLIPPIN book.
Thank you so much for your time and effort in reading my ramblings.
Coy Costa -- cocojoys2003@yahoo.com
[NOTE:  Coy included links to several interesting websites.
This is an extensive one where I found the Bryant Indian Heritage:
This one shows an author at his ancestors grave:
This grave is transcribed at Gibson County TN's web site:
A monument was erected in 1998 in memory of Lucy Bryant of the Cherokee tribe.
Many of her descendants attended the dedication ceremony.  One of her direct
descendants has written a book on his search of this family line. Many of the
Bryants buried in this cemetery are linked to her family.  A description of
the monument follows:
There is Cherokee lettering at the top with a scene of woods/lake/waterfall
etched down the right side.
Lucy (Briant) Bryant- Grandmother- 1760-1848
John Bryant, Sr.- Father- 1775-1855
Frances Nance- Mother- 1780-1860
Proud Cherokee People
Jinsa Wilburn Rentfroe; Lucy Bryant; Zachariah "Rial" Bryant; Mary "Polly"
Belew; Boyd f. Bryant; Hannah Greer; Thursa Springer; John "Jack" Bryant, Jr.;
Fredrick Bryant; Nancy "Dida" Jackson; Laurel A. Bryant; Martin Brown Bryant;
Sarah Ann Flippin; Caroline White; Giles Henry Bryant
(The transcriber of this cemetery is the great-great-granddaughter of "Jack"
Bryant, Jr.)
Photo of Samuel Houston Mount and Frances Caroline Flippin:
This website has lots of interesting Flippin history, focusing mainly on the Flippins in AR:

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