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(10-01) FLIPPIN - TIGUE - TIG:
Searching for Anna FLIPPIN, born 1887 in Arkansas.  I have a 1900 Marion Co., AR census showing she was half-sister to a William H. TIG.  His name was spelled wrong.  Should be TIGUE.  Drawing a complete blank.  Anywhere between Anna Flippin's birth year of 1887 and the 1900 census of Marion Co., AR, there was a family rumor of an accident in which the parents were killed.  All I know is that no one knew of Anna FLIPPIN until I mentioned I found her name listed on the 1900 census.  Any one knowing of this Anna FLIPPIN, please contact me.
Martina "Tina" Hill -- mytimear@windstream.net
[NOTE by Nova:  Looking at the 1900 Marion Co., AR census, I see that William H. Tigue was 20, his wife Martha A. age 19, and their daughter Nancy B. age 1.  Anna Flippin was 13.  According to online genealogies, William Henry Tigue was born in MO to Abel Tig / Tigue and Nancy Maidwell, both parents born in TN.  Abel died in 1907 and Nancy in 1902, both still married to each other per 1900 Marion Co., AR census.  One wonders how could Anna fit in this family when Henry's parents are still married.
Martha Jane Graham / Grayham was born in AR and her parents, names unknown, were also born in AR.  Anna on this census had both parents born in AR so does this indicate that she could be a half-sister of Martha, rather than Henry. Unfortunately both Martha and Anna were born after the 1880 census and there's no 1890 census. 
I looked at the online Flippin Families book but was not able to find them.  I did find one possibility, a marriage record for Annie Flippin, age 18, to Will Taneyhill, 21, both of Peel, on 31 May 1903 in Marion Co., AR.  If this is the same Anna, being 2 years off is possible for census data are usually inconsistent on ages.  This Annie was said to have died young and Will Taneyhill remarried again.  Hopefully someone else will be able to identify this Anna.  (Note revised 7 Mar 2010.)]

(10-02)  FLIPPIN - HARRIS:
This information was sent to me by Nancy Harris Hendrikson in October 2008 and I have decided to post it here to see if anyone can identify this Nancy FLIPPIN, wife of John HARRIS.
Nancy FLIPPIN was a doctor before she married John HARRIS.  John came from Scotland to US.  They had two children:  Samuel Meridah HARRIS and Mildred HARRIS (never married).  Samuel M. HARRIS was born 1770 in VA and died 18 Jan 1848 in Jefferson Co., IA.  Another source has his death date as 23 Dec 1847.  Buried at Union Cemetery, east of Fairfield, IA.  Married Margaret McVEY circa 1820 in TN.  They had 9 children:  Samuel Turner, Nathan Meriman, Charles, Rachel, Margaret, Mary, William, Newton, and Demarcus.
We have nothing further on Nancy and would love to have more.  If you can help, please contact me at lemstar97@yahoo.com or Nancy H. Hendrikson at bluebirdfarm@oberliin.net.  Thanks!

(10-3)  FLIPPIN - BAIN:
My great grandmother's name was Minnie FLIPPIN, b. 29 Jan 1882, d. 15 Jun 1956 in Waldron, Scott Co., AR.  I am trying to locate her line.  She married a man named Marion BAIN sometime before 1898 when her daughter, my grandmother, Alpha Mae BAIN was born.  I was told by my grandmother that the town of Flippin was named after her mother's family.  Do you have any information on her or her parents?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jeannie Brown -- jebrown@clarkpest.com
[NOTE by Nova:  Jeannie, I located your grandmother on the 1900 Marion Co., AR census living in the household of her grandparents who were listed as A. James Flippin and A. Martha Flippin.  She was listed as "Alfy Bang (Bain)" and her mother Minie Bang (Bain) was also listed.  Here is the census information:  1900 Marion Co., AR, Beardon, Crooked Creed & White River Townships.  A. James FLIPPIN, 47; A. Martha FLIPPIN, 45; F. John FLIPPIN, 16; B. Annie FLIPPIN, 13; T. Roy FLIPPIN, 11; M. Osker FLIPPIN, 8; M. Steles FLIPPIN, 6; Lules FLIPPIN, 4; Minie BANG, 18; Alfy BANG, 11; Ruth BANG, 14; B. William FLIPPIN, 73.  The census taker apparently wrote the names backwards, starting with the last name, middle initial then the first name.
This would be James Adams Flippin, son of William Baugh Flippin and Agnes Wilson Adams.  James married Mary Martha Magdalene Hurst and their children were:  Flora Ann, Bertha A., Alice, John Fred, Eunice Belle, Roy T., Oscar N., Stella, Luna, R. T., and Minnie.  William Baugh Flippin's father Thomas Flippin brought his family to the area of Flippin and it was for them who the town was named for, so your grandmother was correct about that.
If you would look William Baugh Flippin up in the online Flippin family history book, you will find his son James Adams Flippin and his family.  I was given some information on them from various sources and another researcher.  I had Minnie being married first to a Mr. Hutcheson and had two daughters, Ruth and Alpha Hutcheson.  She married second to Bub Holland and had four children - Jim, Blake, Hayden, and another child.  I found on Ancestry.com that Minnie Flippin married F. M. Bain, Jr. on 23 Sep 1897 in Marion Co., AR.  So the information on the online book may be partly incorrect and I welcome any additons / corrections to this family if you have more that you would like to share.
UPDATE by Jeannie Brown, March 2010:  There are a few things I would like to correct and they are as follows:
Minnie Flippin was never married to a Mr. Hutcheson.  It is correct that she was married to F. M. Bain, Jr. on 23 Sep 1897 and had 2 daughters with him, Alpha Mae Bain, 18 Jun 1898 - 25 Nov 1973, and Ruth Bain, born in 1900.
She did divorce him and marry Ned Harden "Nin" Holland and had 4 more children, James A. Holland, b 1903, Oscar Harden Holland, 29 May 1905 - 8 Nov 1911, Rachel Holland, 2 Apr 1907 - 1 May 1908, and Blake Holland, 5 Feb 1909 - 17 Aug 1977.  They lived in Waldron, Scott Co., AR until both of their deaths.

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