Flippin Lines

Researchers and their direct Flippin lines are featured
in this section.

Dates and locations for persons born 1920+ will not be included. Only names will be listed.

Use the Lemons line (#1) as a guideline when submitting your Flippin line for inclusion.

Do not use abbreviations.

Include your full name and e-mail address. 
Postal address is optional.
(#1) (Thomas?) FLIPPEN (d. bef. 1754) m/ Elizabeth ______ (d. c1757 Cumberland Co., VA); THOMAS FLIPPEN (c1710-12 Gloucester Co., VA - c1754 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ 1730s in VA to ______ (d. bef. 1754?); THOMAS FLIPPIN (c1740 Cumberland Co., VA - 1830 Henry Co., TN) m/ c1774 in VA to Rhoda McAdoo (d. c1810-16 Barren Co., KY); ISAAC FLIPPIN (c1781 VA - c1845 Monroe Co., KY) m/ 1816 in Warren Co., KY to Nancy Watt (c1796 Green Co., KY - 1872 Grayson Co., TX); SAMUEL WESLEY FLIPPIN (c1828 Monroe Co., KY - c1900?) m1/ c1848 in Monroe Co., KY to Nancy Mosby Lewis (1830 TN/KY - c1908 Bosque Co., TX); MARY JANE FLIPPIN (1864 KS - 1934 Oakland, Marshall Co., OK) m/ 1883 in Comanche Co., TX to James Francis Marion "Frank M." Smith (1852 AR - 1919 Oakland, OK); ROSA MATTIE SMITH (1888 Cleburne, Johnson Co., OK - 1974 Madill, Marshall Co., OK) m/ 1907 in Cordell, Washita Co., OK (OT) to John Henry Pryor (1883 Van Zandt Co., TX - 1967 Madill, OK).
Nova A. Lemons -- lemstar97@yahoo.com

(#2)  THOMAS FLIPPIN (1675 Ireland - bef. 1754 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ Elizabeth ______ (d. bef. 1758 Cumberland Co., VA); THOMAS FLIPPIN (1710 Cumberland Co., VA - 1754 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ 1730s in VA to ______; THOMAS FLIPPIN (1745 Cumberland Co., VA - 1830 Henry Co., TN) m/ 1775 to Rhoda McAdoo (1756 VA - 1802 Barren Co., KY); JOHN FLIPPIN (1779 VA - 1840 AR) m/ 1806 in Jefferson Co., TN to Nancy Neal (1782 VA - 1837 Lauderdale Co., TN); JOHN LOONEY FLIPPIN (1812 - 1904 Gibson Co., TN) m/ 1838 in Gibson Co., TN to Sarah Ann Bryant (1820 Union Co., SC - 1854 Milan, Gibson Co., TN); MILTON BROWN FLIPPIN (1844 Gibson Co., TN - 1931 Merkel, Taylor Co., TX) m/ 1866 in Carroll Co., TN to Josephine Rebecca Ward (1847 - 1917 Tye, Taylor Co., TX); WYLIE JEFFERSON FLIPPIN (1878 Gibson Co., TN - 1952 Electra, Wichita Co., TX) m/ Mary Jane Willcoxson (1884 Merit, Hunt Co., TX - 1968 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX); LULA JUANITA FLIPPIN (submitter) m/ Bill Joe Hyde; PATRICIA ANN HYDE m1/ Jerry Keenan Humphrey and m2/ Frankie Coats.
Juanita Flippin Hyde -- b-hyde@sbcglobal.net

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