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Looking for information on the wife of John T. FLIPPIN (born c1803?), son of Robert Scott and Elizabeth (DEJARNETTE) FLIPPIN.  Her name was Sarah SUDBERRY (born c1807).  They married 1 Nov 1826 in Prince Edward Co., VA and had 8 children, all born in Prince Edward Co.  Does anyone know anything about Sarah A. SUDBERRY's parents?  Also, does anyone have exact birth dates, death dates and places for John T. and Sarah (SUDBERRY) FLIPPIN?  Thank you for your help.
Barbara Obaker -- obaker@usaor.net

Richard Lee FLIPPEN (7 Aug 1871 - 20 Feb 1940) married on 22 Feb 1899 to Mary Lou AYRES, daughter of William Newton AYRES and Mary S. HUDDLESTON.  Children of Richard Lee and Mary FLIPPEN were:  Ollie Roosevelt, Roy, Raymond, Ruby Pearl, Clarence Newton, Aubrey Lee, and Irvin Ayres.  All events happened in Cumberland Co., VA.  Does anyone know who Richard Lee FLIPPEN's parents were?  Thanks.
Ruby Talley Smith -- rubygem@aol.com

I have found posts on Genforum concerning Martha SCOTT (b. 28 Apr 1716 New Kent Co., VA), daughter of John SCOTT and Judith DUDLEY, stating that she married John GARRETT, IV.  My family papers, as well as the data in FLIPPIN FILES, names Martha SCOTT (b. 28 Apr 1716 New Kent Co., VA), daughter of John and Judith SCOTT, as the wife of Ralph FLIPPEN. 
I wrote to the submitter of those posts and asked if she could shed some light on this discrepency  There could have been two ladies named Martha SCOTT at about the same time in close to the same place, one marrying John GARRETT, IV and the other marrying Ralph FLIPPEN but they couldn't both have the same parents and birthdays!  She kindly responded and said that this Martha SCOTT definitely married John GARRETT, IV; and although she had seen data concerning Ralph FLIPPEN she chose to dismiss it as inaccurate.
I would very much like to find documentation concerning the wife of Ralph FLIPPEN.  If anyone has data they would be willing to share or direction they could give me as to where to begin to find information about Martha SCOTT FLIPPEN's parents, date of birth, etc., I would greatly appreciate learning about her.  Thanks!
Dorothy Little -- dlittle428@aol.com

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